Service Design for Education

Professional Project at No One 
Client: Junior Achievement Brazil
Completed in 12 weeks in 2016-2017

Simone Uriartt: Field Research, Conceptualization and Graphic Design
Marcelo Quinan: Learning Practices and Content
Jaja Menegotto: Copywriting and Learning Practices
Pedro Bruder: Field Research and Learning Practices

StartAPP is an Educational Program for teenagers about entrepeurnership and digital applications. The Program has 14 lessons that teach students to practice: problem identification, ideation, prototyping and storytelling.
The workbook is full of frameworks and examples, the Program uses a youthful vocabulary making more appealing for the younger generation. This Program was created for well equipped private schools and also for public school that do not have internet access.

Field Research

In order to understand Junior Achievement’s implementation scenario, we went to some classes of the most known Program called “MiniEmpresa”. This Program runs in public and private schools and teaches entrepreneurship. At public schools motivation from the advisers are very important because students have to go through issues such as few transportation lines to get back home, scarce schools supplies and lack of wifi access. During the classes, we talked with achievers and advisers about what they learnt, how they felt on each phase and what they would change in the Program.


Program Structure 


1º Draft: based on field and desk research we started to map contents, activities and warm-ups that will be relevant for creating digital products and services.


2º Draft: goals of each phase, content, tools and activities.


Final Struture: 14 phases divided in three macro stages (dive, hands-on and show it). Some phase have missions which means students need to do some extra tasks for the next phase. 



// Protagonism, empathy, creativity and teamwork as central pillars; 
// Diversity in the references, wanting more girls to see themselves in leaderships and in the fields of innovation, technology, and science;
// Encouragement for young people to realize their potential, wish to undertake for a better world, be able to say without fear: “I am capable”;
// Design Thinking by generating more design thinking: the journey of the StartApp is a learning experience guided by the design thinking approach.


Visual Identity & Format

// Bright colours, gradients, icons, #hastags and emojis that are part of how we communicate online were adopted in order to make the content more inviting and friendly to achievers.
// Printing: in order to reduce the environmental impact we choose recycled paper, we also avoid creating full coloured pages.



The pilot of StartAPP was implemented in 3 cities in 2017 by Junior Achievement Brazil.

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