Prevention of climate-related health risks

Academic Project at TU Delft
Client: The Netherlands Red Cross
Completed in 10 weeks in 2019/20

Simone Uriartt: Field/Tech Research, Conceptualization and Graphic Design
Priyanka Shah: Field/Tech Research, Conceptualization, Copywriting 
Pim van Os: Field/Tech Research, Conceptualization and Graphic Design
Eveline van der Sanden: Field/Tech Research, Conceptualization, Copywriting 

We believe a tightly knit community is a powerful tool for prevention of climate-related health risks.

What is the problem?

More than 90% of natural hazards are recognised as climate related hazards. These kinds of hazards are only going to increase in frequency. In this scenario, the current heat communication plan would just not be enough. In 2019, it was only activated 3 times, responsively.

The efforts of sensitizing to heatwaves are limited to a certain time period every year. People tend to forget when summer ends and resources for creating awareness have to be dispatched again, the next year.


Rise of temperature in The Netherlands


Smart technologies

We have compared multiple devices/approaches that can be used to monitor health parameters. Wi-fi signals even though are still in development can measure higher number of measurements, they are easy to use and affordable since they can work with a standard wi-fi router.



A two-layered preventive solution. The first layer is to build a resilient community empowered to deal with risks related to climate change, including heatwaves; the second layer adds technology as a tool to make the system more efficient.

Why should we invest in prevention?

On average every euro spent for prevention before a climate related hazard, saves between 4 to 7 euros during response stage.

Target Audience


&sure community

We designed a new role for Red Cross volunteers, as a community builder. These community builders belong to the local community. These people, with a willingness to contribute to the society through the skillsets they possess, host activities/ events for bringing the community together while creating awareness about the relevant risks. 


How it works

  • Two community builders organize the events.
  • Events happen at least once per month.
  • Activities promote interaction.
  • Diversity of themes reflect the demands of the community.

&sure health

Enabling shared journeys to save energy and upscaling enablers production.

How it works

  • &sure health processor enables regular wifi routers to detect variations on body parameters: heart rate variation, breathing variation and elevation.
  • Community builders are responsable to install and explain within the community.

&sure health wallet

  • It translates the variations detect by the wifi technology.
  • It enables the registration of a guardian that can receive notifications when variations on body parameters are deteted.
  • It uses blockchain to keep smart contracts that contains the information that can be access by whom the user had given permission.
  • It enables safely storage and gives options to share data with guardians, GPs and Health Insurance.
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